Pipe Fabrication
We have an in house team of experienced personnel for construction activities. They are well versed with any intricate piping jobs involved in industries including but not limited to oil & gas, shipbuilding, chemical and automotive.

The main jobs we carry out are as follows:
Pipe Fabrication
We carry out from the most basic to the most intricate jobs in this domain like marking, pipe cutting, grinding, deburring, grooving, flaring, crimping etc. It is our standard practice to possess specialized high grade tools & equipments as this ensures that the job is carried out methodically and with utmost precision.

We are fully competent and well versed in Non-Welded fabrication techniques like:
Pipe Flaring
Flaring is used to fabricate spools for 37 Degree Flare Flange Piping System. Flaring is a process involving flaring the end of a pipe to 37 degrees using flaring pin-die combination with having the flange slipped onto the pipe prior to flaring. We have a specific TMI Flaring Tool to flare the pipes and our technicians are well equipped with its techniques. Please click here to get a better overview of a flaring machine.
Pipe Grooving
Grooving is used when we have to fabricate a spool of Retain Ring Flange System. Grooving is a process involving machining an annular groove near the end of the pipe to accommodate a retain ring which in turn retains the flange from slipping out. Grooving is done with the help of a Portable grooving machine. It is a very intricate process which involves carefully adjusting the position of the tool with respect to the pipe. Please click here to know more on grooving machine.
Crimping (Pyplok®)
Crimping is used to swage the Pyplok® fittings on to the pipes. It is done by using a crimping machine which consists of a head assembly and power unit ( that crimps the fittings) actuated by hydraulic power through variety of input options like mechanical, electric and pneumatic force. 'Depending on the size of the pipe suitable power unit-head assembly combo are used. Please click here to know more on PYPLOK® Crimping.
Pipe Bending
Bending the piping is very useful as bending the pipes avoids the use of a pipe elbow fitting or tube elbows and also has no leak paths like an elbow fitting. Bending is predominantly used in Non-Welded Piping since there is complete avoidance of Weldable Elbows or any elbow fitting. The pipes can be bent at site using the TMI® Site bender based on the site requirement. Bending serves the purpose of laying pipes in constrained environments like shipyards and offshore rigs. We have the capability of bending pipes upto 4“. We have sophisticated bending machines to carry out these jobs effectively. Please click here to know more on the bending machines.
Hose Fabrication
Hoses are an important component of a piping system. Fabrication of a hose from a raw hose to a fabricated hose piece involves tedious and tenacious jobs. It consists of measuring the length of hoses according to the site condition, cutting them square, and crimping their end connections perfectly.