Pipe Erection
Erection is the process of joining pipe spools and anchoring them to a rigid support so that they effectively perform their desired function of conveying the medium.

The main components of erection are:
1. Marking
This involves identifying the pipe route for laying the pipes with reference to the permanent structure (civil structure) with the help of the drawing. This process will ‘make or break’ the piping system as any deviation will lead to undesired outcomes.
2. Levelling
This involves the levelling of the pipeline according to drawing. The cruciality of this process is similar to that of marking. Levelling is carried out with traditional and sophisticated equipments.
3. Pipe Assembly
This involves joining the pipe spools to build the piping system. Pipe joining is done by various methods like Fastening, radial swaging, axial swaging, axial compression using flanges, fittings, sleeves with a suitable sealing method like gaskets and O-rings.
4. Supporting
The pipes are subjected to lot of forces like wind, vibration, internal pressure, thermal stresses and gravitational pull. In order to withstand these forces the pipes have to be anchored correctly so that effective load transfer takes place from the pipes to the supporting structure (ground, wall). Also pipes will have to be supported at certain distances of its span length. Supporting has to be proper for efficient working of the system. We have a competent team to handle erection. Our team is well equipped with the best quality hand tools, measuring and levelling instruments.