What is Non-Welded piping?
Non-Welded piping is a type of piping system where there is no welding involved for the fabrication and assembly of pipes. Primarily there are no hot works present for the assembsly and the technology inherits a lot of advantages.
Is Non-Welded piping reliable?
Yes. It has been used all over the globe and has proven its reliability in many organizations where it has been implemented.
Is Non-Welded piping cost effective?
Yes. It may be a bit expensive compared to welded piping during the initial stage (installation), but the benefits it provides throughout the life cycle of the system will surpass the expectations of the consumers.
Is Non-Welded piping suitable for high pressures?
Yes. Non-Welded piping systems can take pressure of up to 9,300 psi. In some instances it can deliver pressure ratings higher than that of welded systems.
Why should I go with Non-Welded?
Non-Welded piping system has lot of intrinsic advantages compared to welded type like 1) Time Saving 2) Cost-Effective 3) Safe 4) Clean 5) Reliable 6) Easy to Repair 7) Flexible in Spaces. These benefits considerably outweigh the small initial cost benefits of welded type. Non-Welded technology will ensure longer life, clean installation and worry free maintenance over the life cycle of the piping system.
Is Cenergy Offshore the Authorized dealer of Tube-Mac Piping Technologies Ltd. (TMI)?
Yes. We are the Authorized dealer of Tube Mac Piping Technologies Ltd. (TMI) products for India.
Does Cenergy Offshore provide turnkey solutions?
Yes. We are an EPC company who are fully capable of executing turnkey projects. You can refer to our case study regarding the turnkey projects we have carried out.
How do I send enquiries to Cenergy Offshore?
You can send your enquiries to info@cenergyoffshore.com or you can alternatively contact us through telephone on +91 22 29250381/82/83.