Cenergy Offshore provides solutions around Non-Welded Hydraulic / High Pressure / Mechanical Piping systems. The projects mostly entail working closely with Industry and Third Party OEMs / Technology providers and follow the Engineering – Procurement – Construction (EPC) model of turnkey implementation.
Engineering scope:
Basic Design
Front End Engineering Design (FEED), which covers all the aspects like
  • Gathering Information - Obtaining the attributes of the system like flow rate, pressure drop, velocity, number of hydraulic pumps and actuators. Designing based on the following information-
    • Hydraulic Schematic
    • Machinery Connection Details
  • Extra inclusions – Any special requirements by the client like accumulators, flow meters etc. These requirements will be implemented by working closely with the client
  • Issuance of Technical proposal – Providing a technical document which includes the specifications of the piping system like size, material, grade. It also contains the scope of supply and all necessary information about valves, clamps, brackets, connection details, pipe routing and any provisions like thermal expansion
Detailed Design
This involves draughting the drawing based on the requirements and information received. The design will be finalized with the help of additional information like Civil Layout and RC Detail Drawing.

Based on this information we discuss and incorporate any changes in the drawing and issue the Bill of Material (BOM).
The in-house design team works closely with the Customer and is well versed with the intricacies of piping engineering. All the designs are executed using latest CAD software to reduce the time leading up to the right solution.
Procurement scope:
Facilitate the option to choose which make, material, grade, certification is required for the pipes, valves, fittings and other auxiliaries.
This involves
  1. Procuring the products as per customer’s requirement.
  2. Handling customs and any rules or regulations.
  3. Managing the logistics and delivery.
Procurement, both global and domestic is our key strength. We work with leading manufacturers for all type of mechanical piping products. All Non-Welded piping products are sourced only from TMI as they represent the absolute best in this category.
Construction scope:
Pre-fabrication processes like marking, cutting and surface preparation. Application of Non-Welded fabrication techniques like grooving and flaring. We also specialize in hose fabrication which includes hose measurement, marking, cutting and fitment crimping.
Carrying out the erection with proper utilization of measurement tools, proper handling of pipes, laying out the pipes, crane utilization etc.
Establishing the required pre-requisites/parameters like looping, flow rate, Reynolds Number. Flushing the system to the required cleanliness level and submitting the cleanliness report to the client.
Pressure Test
Initial test using Nitrogen so that the presence of any leakage will not result in draining the working fluid. Pressure testing with the right medium and right sequence up to the required rating.
Document Hand Over
After the project completion all the necessary reports, certificates, manuals are handed over to the Client for ready reference. The project completion certificate is signed off and kept by both the sides.
Construction activity is backed by trained Technicians / Manpower having different skill sets to accomplish the final goal of successful implementation. All necessary equipments like flaring machine / grooving machine / crimping tools / flushing machine and testing equipment / measuring tools are in-house as they are very critical for a smooth implementation. Non-Welded piping jobs have to be carried out as per design conditions and under complete supervision of a competent team; something that is the inherent and core strength of our team.