Case Study: Hydraulic Piping for the Sinter Plant Granulator: Orrisa, INDIA

Project No: 3833

Jindal Steel & Power (JSPL) one of the top companies in Indian Steel were expanding their operations in their Angul Plant, Orissa. They gave the responsibility of building their Sinter Plant to Primetals, Austria. JSPL’s vision was to build the Sinter Plant using state of the art technologies and materials.

Primetals decided to go with Tube-Mac Non-Welded Piping Systems for the hydraulic hardline of the Hydraulic Granulator in the Sinter Plant. 

The hydraulic piping system was manufactured as a pre-fabricated piping system in TMI’s Austrian Facility and shipped to Angul, Orissa for installation.

Features of the granulator hydraulic piping system are as follows:-
  1. Technology : Tube-Mac Non Welded Piping – 37 Degree Flare Flange and Retain Ring Flange System
  2. Pipe Sizes : 4” NPS, 80 mm Metric
  3. System Pressure : 315 bar
  4. Piping Length : Approx 350 mtr (4 lines – Pressure, Return, Drain, Flushing)

The scope of work was as follows:-

  1. Design and Supply of Pre-Fabricated Non-Welded Hydraulic Hardline.
  2. Installation of the Hydraulic Piping System.
Pressure Test Pylok Installation
Hardlines mounted on the Hainzl HPU’s
Completed Pylok Installation
Hardline Installation

Completed Pylok Installation
Hardline view above Pump Room

Completed Pylok Installation
Top Hardline View

The hardline was installed by JSPL personnel under the supervision of Cenergy Offshore Supervisor. The hardline was flushed and successfully pressure tested. The Sinter Plant has been opened for operations and since has been running successfully.