Non-Weld Piping is a type of piping system where there is no welding involved for the fabrication and assembly of pipes. Primarily there are no hot works present for the assembly and the technology inherits a lot of advantages.

Non-Weld has a lot of intrinsic benefits /advantages as follows
Time Saving
Non-Weld piping involves only tightening at the joints for assembly unlike welded joints which require surface preparation, welding (time consuming process) and grinding. The installation of the piping is completed in a short time since it involves only tightening at the joint interface unlike welding which takes considerable amount of time for each joint.
Cost Effective
Non-Weld piping inherits a lot of cost benefits. The supporting proof is that it does not require any skilled or specialized labour (based on the materials like CS, SS, and CuNi), since an unskilled person with installation knowledge of the Non-Weld fitting can easily carry out the assembly. Skilled welders are very scarce and they demand huge remunerations which is a burden to any organization. Implementing non weld technology will comfortably solve the above problem. Weld joints require the pipe to be acid flushed to remove the impurities and post that be inspected by x-ray test, DPT or ultrasound. These processes are not required by or applicable to Non-Weld system since they are clean and are joined by reliable /proven seals. Non-Weld is cost effective over the entire-life cycle of the piping system; since it is cheaper to repair because of the use of seals.
Non-Weld technology is a safe and secure method for assembling pipes; since there is no hot work, there is no question of any hazards. There is no need of obtaining safety permits or evacuating sensitive equipments in the vicinity of the work area which is tedious. There is also an advantage of avoiding any disruption of important activities like bunkering, tank smearing etc. There are also no process hazards like exposure to radiation in the case of welding.
Non-Weld is a neat and clean system. There are no hassles of clearing the slag deposits, electrode remnants, eroded metal etc. Non-Weld is also environment friendly and it complies with all environment regulation standards. There are no poisonous fumes, no slag disposal, x-ray exposure, and ground water contamination. The pipes are neatly joined and have shorter flushing time compared to welded piping. Due to the inherent cleanliness possessed by Non Weld, there will be virtually no wear of machineries and overhauling of equipments is non existent due to contaminated hydraulic oil effect
Reliable / Dependable
Non-Weld is a reliable technology in the long run. There is no worry of weld contamination / erosion (which may occur after a long period of working in welded joints) which will result in the damage of sensitive hydraulic equipments like actuators. There is also no problem of stress corrosion and fatigue fractures due to welding which will ultimately result in longer life time of the machinery.
Easy / Quick to repair
Repairing a Non-Weld joint is not time consuming compared to welded joint. Non-Weld only involves replacement of seals whereas welding involves tedious jobs like draining/purging the working fluid, grinding, welding and then inspection. The decrease in downtime of any equipment will ultimately result in a huge cost saving to the organization.
Flexible in Confined Areas
Non-Weld can easily cater to areas where movement is restricted for welding. Since it involves fitment of the joint using fastening or swaging technique, confined and restricted areas do not hinder the installation of Non-Weld piping as compared to welded type.
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